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Actionpoint Software

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Qwizdom Actionpoint Software

The Qwizdom Actionpoint Suite includes multiple software applications, designed to help save you time and money. Create interactive presentations using Actionpoint, a polling software for PowerPoint, which allows you to use your existing presentations with our audience response app or keypads. Instantly score certification exams or other paper-based materials using Answer Key. Using your favorite presentation software, create questions on-the-fly using the Qwizdom Survey Bar application. Instantly poll your audience to assess understanding and enhance instruction.

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Here’s how Actionpoint Toolbar works:

  1. Use Actionpoint toolbar to create a question for a slide.
  2. When the question slide appears in the presentation, the answer choices are delivered to the participant’s response device.
  3. Participants respond to the question via their device.
  4. Results can be viewed instantly by the trainer – privately or publicly shared with the whole class for discussion of key points.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Get immediate feedback on participant responses
  • Instantly score all question-based presentations
  • Track performance and generate reports from response data
  • Quick, easy set-up and functionality


Corporate Reports FullPages1 Actionpoint SoftwareComprehensive Reporting

Qwizdom Actionpoint is an ideal choice for making data-driven decisions for a wide variety of learning environments. Using the Report Generator, data can be obtained on individual participants, small groups, or large conferences. Reports can be drilled down to subgroups, individual questions, or the topics addressed. Reports can be printed or exported into software applications such as Microsoft Excel®.

Because data can be viewed in real time, training can be modified to meet specific needs and clarify misunderstandings right away.

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Answer Key

Answer Key is designed to turn existing worksheets, paper-based tests, and textbook materials into interactive presentations, which simplifies the collection of participant data. Using response systems, activities can be instantly scored and viewed to help trainers make informed decisions immediately, instead of having to wait for time-consuming manual correction. The Quick Mark scoring tool can also be used for participants who do not have a response system.

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Survey Bar

Survey Bar allows trainers to quickly pose questions on-the-fly with any website or application, when used in combination with the Qwizdom Response System. This simple floating toolbar also enables trainers to view and record participant responses for report generation after the activity is complete.


Change the pace of training by presenting activities as interactive games. Choose from individual or team games to help increase motivation and boost learning. Use the gaming features as a fun introduction to new learning, as a review of concepts or skills learned, or as a culmination of weekly training.

Connect Games Actionpoint Software

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Qwizdom software now comes packaged with 5 Qwizdom Notes+ licenses* that allow for classroom or boardroom collaboration.

Participants can view live lessons, respond, share annotations, take notes, and save presentations for review, using any tablet or laptop on the same local network as the presenter.

*Additional licenses are available for an annual subscription fee. Contact us for details.

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“The technology is certainly helping us to evolve from a culture of traditional classroom/lecture style events to one which now offers lively, participative sessions sparking debate and discussion and, most importantly, fostering attention to and retention of information.”

- Jo Morris, Compliance Training and Communications Manager, Hill Dickinson, LLP