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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the firmware on the USB host?

Please note: This FAQ applies to the black USB host only. It is not possible to update the firmware on the red USB host through the software. To obtain the latest firmware, you must install the latest version of Actionpoint or Connect software, available on the Support page.

  1. Plug your black HID USB Host into an available USB port
  2. At the bottom right of your Windows taskbar in the System Tray, click Qwizdom Tools
  3. Session ID 2 How do I update the firmware on the USB host?
  4. Select Utilities > Firmware Updater
  5. Click Next to update your host firmware.
  6. Select “Browse for File” and click the “…” icon on the right hand side. This will automatically open the Actionpoint Firmware folder.
  7. Select the latest .s19 file, eg QHost_1_10.s19.
  8. Click Open, and follow the rest of Wizard to complete the update.
  9. Once updated, your host will be ready for communication again with your remotes.

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