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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine kits and use more than one USB host at a time?

If you are using multiple sets of remotes assigned to different USB hosts, you can use the kits simultaneously.
Please note the following:

  • Only use hosts of the same type (ie red with red, black with black)
  • The hosts should have matching firmware versions
  • We don’t recommend using USB hubs, nor do we recommend using more than 4 hosts at any one time.
  1. Insert all USB hosts you wish to use.
  2. When you are ready to start your presentation, click “Start Presentation”.
  3. Click on the “Device Settings” tab (or “Login” tab if you are using version 2.7.4 or older).
  4. You will see multiple host entries with their Session IDs displayed.
  5. Ensure you have ticked each one you would like to use.
  6. Click OK to begin the presentation. All the remotes will now connect.

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