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Lessons for American Heart Month

- February is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our hearts healthy and free from disease. This month is especially important for our young ones since they are making more and more choices... Read More

Using Simple Tech for Training and Meetings

- Facilitating trainings and company meetings – whether a few employees in a conference room or dozens in a large space – can be challenging. Yet, these types of meetings are necessary to keep company employees properly informed and... Read More

Lessons to Support African American History Month

- February is designated as African American History Month, a time to recognize and pay tribute to the African Americans who have made positive and profound impacts on American history. This month can also be used to focus on the... Read More

Class Clickers -- Do They Really Improve Student Learning?

- Teachers are always thinking and reflecting – Could I have done this lesson better? Did my students learn the concept I was trying to teach? Was there enough interaction in the lesson? Were my students engaged? Did I give them... Read More

National Houseplant Appreciation Day

- Have “green thumb” bragging rights? Or have goals of becoming one? Why not share your affinity for cultivating plants, as well as the science behind it, with your students? Qwizdom is providing a FREE learning package on plants... Read More

Building and Strengthening a Culture of Innovation

- The word ‘innovation’ is generally defined as the introduction and/or use of some new idea, device, or method with the goal of producing positive change. Many companies are working towards creating a culture of innovation so that... Read More

Lessons to Support Native American Heritage Month

- November is designated as Native American Heritage Month, a time to explore the distinctive cultures, histories, and traditions of Native people. This month can also be used to focus on the history and current circumstances of the... Read More

Lessons to Encourage Healthy Living

- With our quickly changing world, technology has become a major part of our children’s day. Whether at home, school, or even during extracurricular activities, our children are interacting with some type of technology such as smart... Read More

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