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Qwizdom audience response systems, also known as classroom response, student clickers or interactive voting systems were first developed for use in a high school classroom. Created by a science teacher who was trying to enhance ‘in the moment’ learning, while developing methods that saved him and colleagues time. Thirty-one years later, throughout the world, schools and companies (like Hyundai, Union Pacific, Jaguar, and many more) use Qwizdom to facilitate learning and instantly gather data. The following article and infographic highlight how audience response systems can help presenters and trainers solve a few common challenges.

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Challenges: Keeping Participants' Attention Presenters have to compete with the consistent buzz of cell phones, caused by the endless seam of status updates, emails and texts. Not only that, the average adult attention span is only 10 minutes. Presenters and trainers have to grab and hold someone’s attention for 10 minutes and then do something else to buy another 10 minutes.1

Track and Document Performance Employers are looking for cost effect methods to track employee performance and/or document training effectiveness for compliance with federal and state regulations.

Solutions: Engage Everyone Putting a keypad (or smart polling app) in everyone’s hands encourages active participation. Responses can be anonymous and displayed to spark discussions. Presenters can pose questions throughout a presentation, keeping everyone on their toes. In addition, participants receive right and wrong feedback on the device, allowing them to recognize their strengths and target areas for professional growth.

Use Existing Materials: You can use Survey Bar over the top of any application for quick polls, or integrate our response systems with Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Additionally, our Answer Key application can be used with paper exams, including certification tests, for instant grading and performance tracking.

Capture Accurate Data: All results are collected instantly and can be viewed in real time or exported post-session in a variety of reporting formats. Reports are available in Excel, Flash, and PDF formats, helping to reduce unnecessary paperwork and save time.

Qwizdom Offers Flexibility: Our audience response systems can be used in small or large meetings, conferences and online trainings. Qwizdom offers a wide range of products designed to fit your current technology and budget. Rent or purchase keypads or use our online response app.

For more ideas and information on how Qwizdom Audience Response Systems can be utilized in your company, visit

1 Medina, John “Attention. Rule #4 We Don’t Pay Attention to Boring Things.” Brain Rules, 2014. Web. 22 January 2015.


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