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Lessons to Encourage Healthy Living

With our quickly changing world, technology has become a major part of our children’s day. Whether at home, school, or even during extracurricular activities, our children are interacting with some type of technology such as smart phones, laptops, and display boards. These interactions tend to mostly engage their mental ability, but is that all they need? To help our children be balanced and healthy individuals, we need to also engage them in physical activities, thus the need for National Child Health Day. Child Health Day is observed the first Monday in October and this year, it’s today – October 7, 2019.

To help you observe this day with your students, we are providing FREE activities. Activities include lessons and questions focused on exercise and physical health, keeping healthy, and nutrition. Click on the link to get your activities: Child Health Day.

To truly engage your students in the learning, use the Qwizdom Student Response System to present activities. Doing so can provide better insight in what your students are understanding through immediate feedback. Redirect, reteach, or review the lessons after today to keep your students thinking about their physical activity and the need to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

If you are already a Qwizdom Connect user, make sure you register for free lessons. Go to to register for free online content and get a 30-day trial of ReadySet lessons which are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

“You can’t educate a child who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy who isn’t educated."

Jocelyn Elders

Explore and experience Qwizdom Connect today, starting with your free lessons for National Child Health Day. Go to


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