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Oktopus Blend Debuts at TCEA


Press Release - Oktopus Blend Debuts at TCEA 2017

Qwizdom Makes Oktopus Software Even Better.

February 2017 –

Qwizdom released an upgrade for Qwizdom Oktopus software, called Blend. Designed to help take the complexity out of creating a blended learning environment by offering a complete solution that includes 1,000’s of ready-to-use lessons, instant grading, classroom collaboration, interactive teaching widgets, video capture, plus the ability to assign lessons for students to access from home. The idea is that you learn one program and you’re done. There is no need to hunt all over the Web looking for different resources, just simply use this solution for active classroom learning and at home assessment.

What makes this a unique solution is the carefully tailored Math, Reading and Science activities that come packaged with the software solution. Carefully structured, scaffolded lessons and assessments are designed to supplement existing curriculum. All packages contain over a 100 daily activities to teach, review and immediately assess concepts addressed in the Common Core standards. Pre- and posttests mirror the content coverage, style and rigor that students would expect to see on their state test.

The content coupled with the flexibility of classroom or online delivery gives educators the tools to seamlessly capture and track student learning over time while receiving the data needed to tailor instruction.

An exciting new feature for existing Oktopus customers is now users can store and organize course materials in one convenient location. The added ability to author a course by importing SMART Notebook, Promethean (IWB) and Oktopus lessons, Youtube videos, PowerPoint presentations and other web documents allows you to utilize and enhance your existing content, quickly and easily.

The new product debuts at TCEA 2017, if we miss you at the show, contact us at for a free online demo. Also check out for more info.


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