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Oktopus Lessons for Preschool, Kindergarten and more

- Oktopus Preschool, Kindergarten Lessons and More For this month’s blog I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can use Qwizdom Oktopus with your Preschool – 4 Grade students. Did you know that there are free activities available... Read More

5 Icebreakers to Try Using Audience Response Systems

- Introduction: Icebreakers are a great way to start a training session. These activities encourage cooperation and enhance participation, helping you build a positive learning environment. Participants learn about one another, laugh... Read More

How to Improve Communication in a Multilingual Workplace

- Communication is an essential piece of running a successful business. Excellent communication will impact your bottom line. When your staff can clearly communicate to prospects about how your services and products benefit them, prospects... Read More

The Future of Learning – If only we had a time machine

- The future of learning and education is almost as elusive as a souped-up DeLorean or unexplained wormhole. If only we had a time machine in which we could travel forward in time to find out how we could better prepare students for the... Read More

Using Student Response Systems to Improve Learning

- Effectively Using Student Response Systems in the Classroom Introduction: Classroom clickers, also known as student response systems, help educators engage students and improve learning. Studies completed by the University of... Read More

Audience Response App Compared to Clickers

- Introduction Many of our customers ask what is better, the QVR audience response app or audience response sets? In response to this common inquiry, I wanted to write a short blog comparing the two options. I would not say that one is... Read More

How to Modernize Your Training Program

- With more and more Baby Boomers reaching retirement every day and Millennials quickly joining the work force, now is a perfect time to start looking at ways to update your current training programs. The work force is undergoing a large... Read More

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