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Learn How Qwizdom Audience Response Systems are Being Used in Police, Fire and Rescue Trainings


The Who’s and What’s of Qwizdom – Focus on How Qwizdom Audience Response Systems are Being Used in Police, Fire and Rescue Trainings

For over 30 years Qwizdom has helped engage students and improve learning. Qwizdom’s Audience Response Systems (ARS) have been use by schools, corporations and government agencies around the world. Timeless and durable, these response systems were originally designed to work with a single computer, connected to a TV using a VGA scan converter and a simple, one button, buzz-in device.

To this day, audience response systems have only continued to become more robust with technological advances of the 21st century. Even in the heart of the mobile devices’ craze, ARS clickers continue to be used for their accurate and reliable data collection capabilities. The clickers operate on radio frequency, with no reliance on Wi-Fi connectivity, thus helping to reduce online distractions and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Of the thousands of companies and agencies that are using Qwizdom, I would like to highlight how this powerful technology is currently being used to assess and facilitate learning in police, fire and rescue training programs throughout the nation. These programs are using Qwizdom to help train professionals on saving lives and public safety.

Victor McCraw is a veteran public safety official with 28 years of experience with a state police agency. Vic creates opportunities for student and group participation through interactive stories and games he has developed in conjunction with Qwizdom Actionpoint software. Often quizzing his participants, he can quickly assess understanding, allowing him to create a focused topic review. “An immediate, focused 5th topic review on day one of a multi-day class is much more productive than spending half hour trying to figure out what I missed two days later. That’s a matter of effectiveness. An immediate review and clarification of a critical safety protocol in a training exercise briefing is much better than an accident on the shooting range later.” Read More

Richard Hayne, EMT Program Director, uses Qwizdom Audience Response in large classrooms of 80 students for scoring examines. “I can see how they are progressing during the exams and how they are doing. After the exam, I can identify bad questions, I can identify weak areas in the class learning. This allows me to repeat information in a different way to get critical concepts across to the students.” Read More

Noel Mink, Training Specialist, uses Qwizdom for training employees to be effective 911 Call Takers and Dispatchers. “The critical training my employees receive will save property and lives. Qwizdom is an integral part in disseminating training information. Our department uses it weekly with our entire staff in our team meetings. We use Qwizdom for our weekly Policy and Procedure quiz, to play training games, and various other exercises. We use Qwizdom in our new hire training for all quizzes, tests, and assessments. I have found that using Qwizdom in this way creates reliable, consistent documentation on the progress of our trainees.”

Qwizdom is proud to be a part of these crucial training efforts, and applauds the hardworking men and women who work together as a team to save lives and protect our communities. To find out how others are using Qwizdom in their programs and agencies, please visit or stop by our booth at the FDIC Conference in Indianapolis, IN - April 27-29 Booth #9721

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