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Taking Control of Your Time with an Audience Response Tool

You’re sitting there staring at the stack of training certifications that you need to review and score by the end of the day. You’ve put it off long enough, but you would love to avoid it at all costs for at least one of many reasons:

  • It sucks the energy out of you.
  • It takes too much of your time.
  • You still have to collate the results before planning ‘next steps.’
  • It takes too much of your time.
  • You get hand cramps.
  • It takes too much of your time.
  • Your coffee gets cold and you hate the taste of cold coffee.

Getting through all of the items on your To-Do list seems intimidating and managing your time seems impossible, but there are advantages to developing a plan of action especially if it includes an audience response system that can complete different tasks efficiently. Remember, time is a valuable resource and cannot be taken back and should not be wasted. Why is time management essential?

  • Taking charge of your time means increased focus and efficiency. You aren’t losing momentum when working through your tasks and can check items off items from your list swiftly.
  • That daunting feeling of being completely overwhelmed and being forced to rush through items/tasks that need careful thought dissipates. With that feeling dissipating, the level of stress that you’re experiencing decreases. This is both a time and health benefit.
  • You can make better decisions because you are giving yourself time to think over important data and information, lay out more thorough plans of action, and increase the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.
  • You need your free time. Managing the time it takes to handle your responsibilities can create time for yourself to relax and decompress. Just a few minutes of extra time each day to reflect on your day or even to enjoy your cup of coffee makes a huge difference.

What are some ways to make the most out of the time to you need for completing essential tasks?

  • Concentrate on one task at a time. This may mean not checking emails, not answering your phone, or not getting distracted by other items on your list. Get one activity done at a time to be improve productivity.
  • Handle important tasks when you work best. This could mean starting your days with emails, then grading tests, looking over reports, or analyzing data when your mind is sharper (and the coffee has kicked in!).
  • For tasks that are repetitive, try doing them en masse. Schedule these types of tasks when you know your performance level is not at its peak. Using a tool that can expedite such tasks can be helpful, such as Qwizdom Answer Key. You can create ‘answer keys’ for exams, tests, and other materials that participants regularly respond to. Once the Answer Key is made, users can independently complete the activities using an audience response system. To see how Qwizdom Answer Key works, watch the video:

For more information on how the Qwizdom Audience Response System, including Answer Key, can help you manage time more efficiently, go to

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