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FAQs & Documentation

Getting Started

Installation & Prep

Where do I get the latest version of the software?

Go to Support > Download for the latest version of our software. 

K-12 Teachers choose the Qwizdom Connect software suite (which includes Actionpoint, as well as access to curriculum). 

All other customers select Actionpoint--our PowerPoint plugin.

How do I install the software?

Microsoft Windows users:

  1. Download the latest version from Support > Download and save it to your computer.
  2. Make sure all Windows and Office updates are current.
  3. Uninstall older versions of Qwizdom software via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.
  4. Open and run the saved Setup.exe file.
  5. Follow the prompts of the wizard to install then restart the computer.

Apple macOS users:

  1. Download the latest version from Support > Download and save it to your computer.
  2. Make sure all Apple and Office Updates are current.
  3. Uninstall older versions of Qwizdom software by opening the saved .dmg file and double-clicking Uninstall Qwizdom Connect
  4. Open the .dmg file and run the Qwizdom Tools (or Actionpoint) package.
  5. Follow the prompts to install then restart the computer.
Which operating systems are supported?

Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1, and 10

Apple macOS 10.11--10.13

Which versions of Microsoft Office are supported?

Microsoft Windows users:

- Office 2010 (SP2)

- Office 2013

- Office 2016

Office 2003 and 2007 have reached extended end-of-life support from Microsoft, and so are no longer officially supported for the Actionpoint plugin.

Mac Users:

- Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac has reached end-of-life support from Microsoft, and so is no longer officially supported for the Actionpoint plugin.

I am upgrading my version of Microsoft Office. Will Qwizdom Actionpoint work ok?

You will need to uninstall and reinstall Qwizdom Actionpoint after upgrading your version of Office to maintain full compatibility. 

How do I deploy the Actionpoint software?

Update computers to recommended software requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
Microsoft Office: Office 2010 (SP2), Office 2013, or Office 2016.
We strongly advise installing all latest updates for your Microsoft Products prior to installing Qwizdom Actionpoint.

Install the prerequisites

 Actionpoint requires additional prerequisites not supplied by Windows updates.

If installing locally, the exe file will automatically detect software on your system and installs prerequisites as required. This is not possible when using the MSI.

The IS prerequisites can be extracted from the exe to a folder using the /a parameter. A sample command is

“C:\Setup.exe” /a”C:\temp”

Download the latest exe installer

Roll out the MSI

Download the latest MSI

Switches you can use when rolling out Actionpoint:

/L language ID
/S Hide installation dialogue. For silent mode use /S /v/ qn
/V parameters to MsiExec.exe

Standard-User Installation for PowerPoint plug-in (Actionpoint)

Once rolled out successfully, staff may see a “Publisher cannot be verified” message when they log in and start the PPT plug-in (Actionpoint) for the first time, depending on system wide user privileges.

They should click “install” at this point.

MSI-Specific Troubleshooting

If a prerequisite is missing or not installed correctly, PowerPoint will display the Actionpoint Add-in as “inactive”, giving a run-time error when you look in the Add-ins section.

On a test machine, run the Actionpoint exe file locally. If any prerequisites appear in the list, it means that the prerequisite rollout has not been successful.


I just installed Actionpoint but the toolbar is not appearing.

Windows users:

In the Windows version of Actionpoint, opening the program should cause PowerPoint® to open, with an Actionpoint tab added into the PowerPoint® toolbar. If your PowerPoint® toolbar does not appear when opening Actionpoint, check to make sure that all Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office updates have been installed on your computer. Install all available updates, restart the computer if required then reopen Actionpoint. The toolbar should appear. If you still encounter problems, please create a support ticket using the link above. 

macOS users:

Mac Actionpoint works in conjunction with Microsoft PowerPoint 2011. Opening Mac Actionpoint will cause PowerPoint® to open as well. The Mac Actionpoint toolbar appears in addition to the PowerPoint® display.

The Actionpoint toolbar was present, but has now disappeared. How do I get it back?

Windows Only

PowerPoint may have closed due to an error and disabled 3rd party add-ins.

Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016

1. Click File

2. Click Options

3. Click Add-ins

4. At the bottom, beside “Manage”, select “Disabled Items” and select Go.

5. Enable the Actionpoint Addin and click OK. The toolbar should now reappear.

The results graph / games are not displaying correctly.

If the results graph or games windows are not displaying correctly or at all, Adobe Flash Player is most likely not installed. It is also possible that a recent update of Flash Player has caused it to stop working – Adobe has multiple versions of Flash Player and you may no longer have the required version. Actionpoint requires the ActiveX version.

For the below steps, you must use Internet Explorer:

1. Go to:

2. Untick any additional offers that you do not wish to receive.

3. Click “Update Now” and follow on-screen prompts.

I am presenting with a projector / second screen. How do I get the response graph to appear on that display?

Windows users:

When using an "Extended" display setup, the Actionpoint graphs will pop up on the Primary display each time. You can drag the graph onto the secondary display if you want to utilize PowerPoint's "presenter notes", but in all other cases we recommend using a clone/duplicate setup. This means that both screens will show the same content.

In Windows 7, 8, and 10, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and tap "P" until the option for "Duplicate" or "Clone" is selected. When the buttons are released, the cloned configuration will take effect.

Where do I find the Session ID?

If your host is plugged into your computer, the Session ID should appear at the top of the Qwizdom Tools menu window.

In the Windows version of the software, click the Qwizdom Tools icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen (near your clock). 

On a Mac, the Qwizdom Tools icon is at the top of your screen (near the signal strength indicator). 

I don't see the Qwizdom Tools icon. What should I do?

Windows users:

Open the Start menu at the bottom left of the screen, and select All Programs. Click the Qwizdom folder, then the Qwizdom AP Connect folder. Select Qwizdom Tools. The icon should now appear.

Mac users:

On a Mac, the Qwizdom Tools icon is at the top of your screen (near the signal strength indicator). If you don’t see the icon, go to Finder/Applications, double-click the Qwizdom Connect folder then open the Qwizdom Tools application.

I have a current Qwizdom Connect Premium (ReadySet) Curriculum license, but am getting a message that it has expired. What should I do?

If you know your license is current, but got a message within Qwizdom Connect that it has expired, it's probably just due to not having logged in for a while. The system requires occasional logins to sync licenses and make sure everything's up-to-date.

Open Connect and at the top of the screen (next to File) go to Qwizdom Online > Login to Qwizdom Online. Enter your account credentials. Then close out of the Connect software and quit Qwizdom Tools if open (small icon down in the tray of the computer by your clock, if on a PC). Re-open Connect and re-select the activity. If the expiration notice continues, submit a ticket at the Support Center, or email


I just received my response system. Where is the host?

The USB Host is located in the back compartment of the Q7RF Tablet or in the front pocket of the remote bag.

How do I update the firmware on the USB host?

Please note: To obtain the latest firmware, you must install the current PC version of Qwizdom software available from the Downloads page.

1. Plug your black HID USB Host into an available USB port. 
2. At the bottom right of your Windows taskbar in the System Tray, click the Qwizdom Tools icon. 
3. Select Utilities > Firmware Updater.
4. Click Next to update your host firmware.
5. Select “Browse for File” and click the “…” icon on the right hand side. (This will automatically open the Firmware folder.) 
6. Select the latest .s19 file (e.g. QHost_1_10.s19).
7. Click Open, and follow the rest of Wizard to complete the update.

Once updated, your host will be ready for communication again with your remotes.

How do I add new remotes to my existing set?

If you have a black host and do not have Q5s, or any Q4s older than version 1.34 (number displays immediately after turning remote on):

1. Plug in the black host.
2. Click the Qwizdom Tools icon (in the tray of a PC or the top of a Mac).
(PC): Choose Utilities > Remote Assignment.
(Mac): Choose Utilities > Remote Preferences > Assigned Fixed Remote IDs > Continue.
3. In the Remote Assignment window, set the Starting Remote Number to one greater than your old set. (For example, if adding to a set of 24 remotes, enter '25' as the Starting Number.)
4. Check Auto-increment Remote Number. (Then Detect if on a PC.)
5. Click Start
6. Enter the Session ID into the remote.
7. Once each remote has connected, click Stop in the Remote Assignment window. (Then Done if on a Mac.)

If you have a red host and/or Q5s or any Q4s older than version 1.34 (number displays immediately after turning remote on): submit a ticket at the Support Center to request directions for adding to a set of older hardware.

How do I reassign remotes to connect to my new host?

If you have received a new replacement USB HID host, existing remotes will need to be reassigned as a fixed set to find the new device.

Use these directions if you have Q2s, Q6s, or Q4s version 1.34 or greater (number displays immediately after turning remote on): 
(PC) Remote Assignment
(Mac) Remote Assignment

If you have Q5s, or any Q4s older than version 1.34 (number displays immediately after turning remote on): submit a ticket at the Support Center to request directions for reassigning a set of older hardware.

Can I combine sets and use more than one USB host at a time?

If you are using multiple sets of remotes assigned to different USB hosts, you can use the sets simultaneously.

Please note the following:

  • Only use hosts of the same type (i.e. red with red, black with black).
  • The hosts should have matching firmware versions.
  • We don’t recommend using USB hubs, nor do we recommend using more than 4 hosts at any one time.


  1. Insert all USB hosts you wish to use.
  2. When you are ready to start your presentation, click “Start Presentation”.
  3. Click on the “Device Settings” tab (or “Login” tab if you are using version 2.7.4 or older).
  4. You will see multiple host entries with their Session IDs displayed.
  5. Ensure you have ticked each one you would like to use.
  6. Click OK to begin the presentation. All the remotes will now connect.


How do I change the Session ID on my Q2?

To change or re-enter Session ID:

1. Make sure the host/receiver is plugged in and remote turned on. 
2. Wait for the remote to time out and turn off.
(Note: with newer versions of the Q2, you don't have to let it time out, so you can move directly to the next step.)
3. When you turn it back on, press the Help key.
4. When you see --S on the display, it is prompting you for the Session ID. Enter it and press the On/Off key to send/confirm.

Q2 Screen Displays

Q2 Response:

When a question has been posed during an activity, participants will see a blank screen with a battery icon (or may see their remote ID as well). To respond, just press T(yes)/N(no), or the Multiple Choice letter (A—F), or the Numeric single-digit answer, depending on question type.

Q2 Common Screen Displays

_ _ S : Enter Session ID. (See previous FAQ.)

_ _U : The remote is asking for a Participant ID. (Enter the UserID and press the On/Off Key to send/confirm.)

_ _ A : Displays when the remote is requesting an Answer Key activity number.
Prompt only appears when multiple test versions are being presented.

- - - : Remote cannot find host and will power down.

- - : Remote is searching for the host.

: Battery icon indicates battery charge when remote is on.

Q2 Low Battery

On occasion, the Q2 may display a false Low Battery signal.
When the Low Battery icon appears:

1. Remove the batteries.
2. Press and hold the Q2’s on/off button for around 15 to 20 seconds.
This will discharge the remote.
3. Insert the batteries and turn it on.

If the low battery icon disappears, continue to use the remote. 
If the batteries really are low, the low battery icon will remain.
At this point, replace with new, good-quality, non-rechargeable alkaline AAA batteries.  

Q2 Information Card

Click here to download the Q2 Information Card.


How do I change the Session ID on my Q4?

Plug in your USB receiver before you begin. This will allow an active session to be established immediately which will allow your remotes to connect. 

  1. Turn on the Q4.
  2. Immediately press the Menu button repeatedly to bring up the menu.
  3. Once the menu appears, press the right button.
  4. Session ID will appear.
  5. Press the Send/Receive button.
  6. The current Session ID will appear. It will ask if a new Session ID is required. Press Y for "yes" or N for "no".
  7. Once Y is pressed, enter the 6 digit Session ID of the USB host and press the Send/Receive button.
I don't have an option to change the Session ID.
  1. Turn off the remote and remove the batteries.
  2. Put the batteries back in then turn the remote on again.
  3. Scroll through the menu options. Session ID should appear.
Q4 Information Card

Click here to download the Q4 Information Card.


How do I change the Session ID on my Q5?

Plug in your USB receiver before you begin. This will allow an active session to be established immediately which will allow your remotes to connect. 

  1. Turn on the Q5.
  2. After the screen says “Not Found”, press Menu.
  3. Scroll up to “Enter Session ID” and press the middle button on the directional pad.
  4. Type in the Session ID, and press the Send key (top left of remote) to save.


  1. Turn the remote off and ensure it is not plugged into the charger.
  2. Using a pin or a paper clip, press down the reset pinhole found in the crevice of the On/Off switch.
  3. Turn the remote back on again. It will prompt for a Session ID.
  4. Type in the Session ID, and press the Send key (top left of remote) to save.
My Q5 remote has battery life / charging problems.
  1. Reset the Q5 using a pin or paperclip. The reset hole is found in the gap between the power switch when in the off position.
  2. Once reset, turn on the Q5 and enter your new Session ID.
  3. Place back on charge for 2 hours and test.

If problems persist, you may need to purchase a new battery or explore upgrade options. Please use the “Quote” link at the right hand side of the page to get in touch.

Q5 Instructor Information Card

Click Here to download the Q5 Instructor Information card.


How do I change the Session ID on my Q6?

Plug in your USB receiver before you begin. This will allow an active session to be established immediately which will allow your remotes to connect. 

  1. Turn on the Q6.
  2. Press Menu, then use the down arrow to select “Enter Session ID.”
  3. “Enter Session ID” will appear. Use the Del key to delete the current ID if necessary.
  4. Enter your new Session ID.
  5. Press “Join.”
My Q6 shows "Login Denied" or shows a very long Session ID.

To resolve this, your Q6 remote will need to be re-assigned to your USB host.

  1. Plug in your USB host.
  2. Click the Qwizdom Tools tray icon at the bottom right of the WIndows taskbar.
  3. Select Utilities > Remote Assignment.
  4. In the Remote Assignment window, enter the sticker number shown at the top of the Q6 remote as the “Starting Remote Number”. If your Q6 does not have a sticker number, leave this as “1″.
  5. Click “Detect”. Your Session ID will now be displayed.
  6. Click “Start”. Turn on your Q6 remote.

Your Q6 should now join the session correctly and the specified remote number should be present at the top right of the Q6 screen.

Q6 Participant Card

 Click here to download the Q6 Information Card.

Q6i Instructor Card

 Click here to download the Q6i Information Card.


I just received my Q7 Tablet. Why doesn't anything happen when I turn it on?

The Tablet needs to be charged a full 24 hours for the first time; or a long period of inactivity. The Pen may take slightly longer to fully charge. Generally, the Tablet will only need to be charged about 6 hours to be fully charged after the first initial charge.

Why are there two screen inserts underneath the tablet overlay?

Your tablet comes with two screen inserts—Standard and Presentation. (You can remove the one you don’t want to use.) The Standard Insert is great for anytime you wish to use the tablet as a simple drawing slate or mouse. Use the Presentation Insert for presentations with Qwizdom response devices.

How do I change the Session ID on the Q7?
  1. Press the Menu key.
  2. Use the scroll buttons to select “Enter Session ID” and press the Enter button on the left of the Q7.
  3. Using the Q7 stylus, enter the Session ID.
  4. Press the Enter button to confirm.
Q7 User Guide

 Click here to download the Q7 User Guide.

Q7 Information Card

Click Here to download the Q7 Information card.

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