Qwizdom Toolbar

There are many ways to customize your Qwizdom presentations. Right-click on the Qwizdom Toolbar to view options menu.

  • Buzz-In Box/Participant Counter
    The Buzz-In Box displays the percentage of participants who have answered.
    During a presentation: Right-click the Qwizdom Toolbar and go View/Buzz – in Box to display the percentage.
  • Timer
    Timer displays the remaining time in which participants can submit responses. Add additional time by clicking on the + Add icon.
    You can add or remove the timer during a presentation.
    – Right-click the Qwizdom Toolbar and select Settings.
    – Under the Display tab, use the Timer drop-down menu to change the timer settings.
    – Click OK to close and apply changes.
  • Answer Grid
    The Answer Grid indicates participant response by corresponding remote ID numbers.
    To Show/Hide the Answer Grid.
    – Right-click the Qwizdom Toolbar and go View/Answer Grid.
    – Right-click Answer Grid to change display settings, including size, number of columns, placement, etc.

Presentation Tools

Use repose Re-Pose, response graph Response Graph,pick Pick, and animationGame icons when presenting activities using a desktop or laptop.

  • Reposing a Question
    Reposing is used to ask a question again and/or when you accidentally skip a slide that needs to be answered. Reposing the question overwrites the previous responses if any were recorded.
    – Click therepose Repose button to pose the question slide again.
    – Click therepose  Repose button again to stop.
  • Response Graph
    – Click the response graph Response Graph button.
    – The Response Graph appears.
    – Click the response graph Response Graph again to remove the graph.
  • Picking Participants
    – Click the pick Pick button to randomly call upon a participant.
    – The participant’s name or participant ID appears on screen.
    – Click the pick Pick button again to remove the name.
  • Game/Show
    Shows game animation.
    – Click theanimationGame button to view game windows, including scores, animations, etc.


Display Session ID During a Presentation

1. Right-click the Qwizdom Toolbar and select the Login tab. The Session ID will appear at the top of the window.



Automatically Show Correct Answer on Response Chart

Displays a fraction and percentage of correct answers. For example: Correct Answer(s)10/12 83%. To activate this feature during a session, right-click the Qwizdom Toolbar and select Settings. Under the Display tab, select Automatically Show Correct Answer on Chart and then click OK.

Right/Wrong Feedback

This feature allows participants to see if their response is right or wrong. Feedback appears on the LCD screen of the participant’s remote during presentation. A check mark will indicate a correct response, an X will indicate an incorrect response. If the feedback is disabled, a check mark and X appears on the LCD screen indicating that a response was received.

You can turn this feature on and off during a presentation by

  1. Right-clicking the Qwizdom Toolbar and selecting Settings.
  2. Under the General tab, click Send right/wrong feedback.