Logging in with IDs allows participants to use any remote. The participant is identified by a unique ID number that is set in participant lists.

  • Participant IDs can only be numeric.
  • IDs cannot be used for more than one participant (IDs cannot be duplicated).
  • Maximum number of digits allowed for IDs is:
    – 8 for Q2RF remotes.
    – 9 for Q4RF remotes.
    – 8 for Q5RF remotes.
    – 14 for Q6RF remotes.
    – 15 for QVOTE remotes.
  1. Click the CPresent Present button. The Presentation Setup window will appear.
  2. Select a participant list.
  3. Click the Login tab.
  4. Check the Require Login by ID option.
  5. Checking the Show Login Screen, if desired.
  6. Check the Add and Allow Unregistered Users to allow participants not on the list to join the session.
  7. Select all other preferred options and click OK to present. The presentation will begin.
  8. The Q2RF remotes will display –U. All other remotes will prompt for UserID.
  9. Participants will enter their ID and press the Send key.
    Please Note: If Add and Allow Unregistered Users is checked, participants not on the class list may be prompted to enter their User ID twice to confirm.
  10. Once everyone has logged in, begin the presentation.
  11. You can start the presentation as participants log in. Participants who are late can log in later, if you have not set a timer to deny log in.

Login Timer
You can deny login after a certain amount of time by setting the time under the Login tab.

  1. Check the Deny Login After — Minutes option.
  2. Enter the number of minutes that participants have to log in. For example, you have selected to deny log in after 5 minutes. After 5 minutes have passed, participants who try to log in will be denied.



If the Q4RF remote displays Denied, or the Q5RF remote displays Access Denied, or the QVOTE or Q6RF displays Session ID Login Denied, or the Q2RF remote displays –U, then the Participant ID may have been entered incorrectly.

  • For Q2RF remotes, press the Hand key, re-enter the Participant ID, and press the Join key.
  • For Q4RF remotes, press the Menu key, use the right arrow to scroll to User ID, and press the Send (double arrows) key to select it. Re-enter the
  • Participant ID and press the Send (double arrows) key.
  • For Q5RF remotes, press the C (clear) key, re-enter the Participant ID, and press the Send (double arrows) key.
  • For QVOTE or Q6RF, click the On/Off key select Enter User ID. Scroll to Enter Session ID, press the  menu select key, re-enter the User ID, and press the Join key.
  • The Participant IDs will be remembered for the session until another participant list is selected.