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Frequently Asked Questions

Q2 - How do I change the Session ID?

When changing the Session ID on remotes, you have the option to renumber them manually, or let the software deal with numbering automatically as and when remotes connect. For example, if you want to renumber your remotes to join another kit which also has numbered remotes, and having set remote numbers is important to you, please read the following FAQ: How do I join handsets to another kit?

Otherwise, continue below to quickly reassign your devices to a different Session ID.

You will need to have the Qwizdom Connect Suite, Actionpoint Suite, or OKTOPUS installed.
Plug in the USB host that you would like to attach the remote to. This will create a live session which will enable the remotes to connect. If you enter an ID which the remote cannot find, the ID will not be saved.

Once you have plugged in your USB host, you can find the unique Session ID belonging to that host using the Qwizdom Tools icon.
You can also find the ID in the "Devices" tab of the Presentation Setup window, but please note that while in the Presentation Setup window, the session will not be active and your remotes will not connect.

  1. Turn on the Q2 then press the hand key (bottom right).
  2. “–S” should appear on the remote. If so, go to step 3. Enter the new 6-digit Session ID and press the send key once (bottom left).
    • If “–U” appears, then it is asking for a user ID. If this happens, turn off the remote.
    • Turn it on again, but this time, let it turn off itself (this should happen after 20 to 30 seconds).
    • Go back to step 1 and “–S” should now appear. If not, repeat this sub-process.
  3. Enter the new 6-digit Session ID and press the send key once (bottom left)

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