Karl Irwin, Administrator, Service Training


My group conducts training for approximately 4,000 Automotive Service Technicians each year. Hyundai training is both knowledge and competency based. Our initial training is Web-based with graded online tests. We attempt to cover most of the knowledge-based portion online. Then we ask the Service Technicians to demonstrate and apply the knowledge they gained online when they attend our Instructor- Led Classes.

Needs and Challenges

We have been using computer labs and Scantron test sheets in our current classes. Both of these test techniques do not work well in a real time competency-based environment, and have not provided the level of interaction between our technician and instructors we require.


We have been evaluating the Qwizdom Audience Response System for several months and have found the system to be very accurate, flexible, and reliable. The advantage we have noticed with the Qwizdom System has been the ability to test technicians on a real-time basis as they learn and perform tasks. Our instructors ask  questions during presentations and during shop demonstrations. We also have a number of written tests and task sheets that require the technicians to answer questions using the Qwizdom remotes.

With the ability to monitor each individual technician’s progress during class, our instructors are able to efficiently remediate many technicians that would have failed certification in our previous classes. This will greatly improve the efficiency of our certification program.

The Qwizdom Audience Response System has exceeded our expectations in many ways. The range of the wireless unit allows our instructors to position their laptops either in the classrooms or in the shop area and still be fully functional in both environments.

Our evaluation tests are just about complete, and we are looking forward to implementing the Qwizdom Audience Response System in all of our classes nationwide.

“With the ability to monitor each individual technician’s progress during class, our instructors are able to efficiently remediate many technicians that would have failed certification in our previous classes. This will greatly improve the efficiency of our certification program.”
Karl Irwin / Administrator, Service Training, Hyundai