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Qwizdom Audience Response Systems

Improve trainee knowledge & retention rates.

Qwizdom is an award-winning developer of interactive learning solutions that enhance presentations and user engagement. With over 35 years of industry experience, Qwizdom audience response solutions offer the highest performance and reliability. Durable and timeless solutions capture data in seconds, increase participation and improve participant knowledge and retention rates.

What makes Qwizdom the best choice?

  • With our years of experience, we have developed technology proven to be trustworthy and reliable.
  • There are no hidden fees – all software updates are free of charge.
  • Qwizdom offers a wide range of products designed to fit your current technology and budget.
  • Gather accurate data quickly with our audience response hardware.


Pose interactive questions directly from PowerPoint presentations or using our survey app with your favorite software application.


Attendees respond in real-time using our custom clickers.


All answers are compiled into reports and can be viewed LIVE, or saved for review later.

Don’t change your workflow…

Enhance it.

Our Actionpoint software solution lives inside PowerPoint (PC & MAC). It offers 11 question types that can be applied to your current training materials. With a few simple clicks your training materials are now fully interactive and engaging. Spark discussion, display results, increase participation and provide accurate documentation.

Boost company productivity by instantly scoring certification tests.

Generate and Save

All kinds of results and stats…

User feedback is vital in understanding problems and with our solution you can gain better insight into the needs of your participants, track individual performance and assess understanding.

Compile and export data in a variety of formats
Data can be obtained on individual participants, small groups, or large conferences. Reports can be drilled down to subgroups, individual questions, or the topics addressed. Reports can be printed or exported into software applications such as Microsoft Excel®.

Discover data and build a better team.
Live, anonymous polling allows you to collect honest and more accurate opinions. These results are easily shared to spark discussion and help you and your team find better solutions quicker.

No Web?

No Problem

The unique setup of our solution allows anyone to run training sessions without the need for an internet connection, whether it is on a building site, inside a convention center where signal loss is common, or in a remote part of the world. Qwizdom has you covered.

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