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“We used Qwizdom for the first time this year & received 126 completed evaluations forms in less than 10mins. Fantastic!”
— NHS Forth Valley Trust

Fire and Rescue Training

A Well Trained Staff When it Matters Most

We enhance:  Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and EMT Certification

Case Studies

“Qwizdom plays an important and vital role in training my employees to be effective, proficient 9-1-1 Call Takers and Dispatchers. I have found that using Qwizdom in this way creates reliable, consistent documentation on the progress of our trainees. I highly recommend Qwizdom to any corporate or government agency. The application of Qwizdom reaches far beyond the classroom!”

Noel Mink / Training Specialist

Health and Safety

Monitor Results & Gather Healthy Feedback!

We enhance: Statutory Training, Nursing Certification, CPC Driver Training, Smoking Cessation, Mandatory Training, Alcohol Awareness, Simulation Training, Food & Health, Training Evaluation, Sexual Health, Health Promotions, Seminars & Opinion Polls, Health & Safety Courses.

Case Studies

“I would recommend Qwizdom to any education institution as a complement to existing systems or to people looking to implement it for the first time and with a good 75 of us as NHS Trusts using it, you can’t really go wrong!”

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals / NHS Foundation Trust

Logistics Industry

If you need data, rest assured we deliver.

We enhance: CSR Compliance Courses, CPC Driver Training, Regulatory Assessments, Goods Handling

Case Studies

“We have been using Qwizdom in our classroom since October 2014. The drivers have welcomed its use as they feel more involved. They can also give their true response without the fear of peer criticism.”

Stephen Clarke / DCPC Trainer – Nottingham City Transport

Happy Customers

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