Nursing Exam Preparation

I am the primary user of our Qwizdom clicker technology in Nursing at Milligan College. I use it in the Senior Capstone course as we review NCLEX style questions. I like the clickers as they allow me to see what the students are missing, and even sometimes thinking, when they answer a question. Additionally, all the students participate, and are not intimidated by how others respond.

Mary Fabick, Associate Professor of Nursing, TN

Southern Illinois University

The Actionpoint software is intuitive and allows faculty to seamlessly integrate participatory slides into their existing lecture presentations. Our students have also responded very positively to the clickers and are eager to use the devices as much as possible. Qwizdom has enabled our faculty and students to establish dialogues in larger classroom environments, effectively mirroring the interaction inherent in smaller lecture and seminar classes.

Qwizdom’s software and clickers have enabled more informative communication between professors and students in larger classes. Instead of relying on a show of hands or trying to discern the meaning of a collective group murmur to proposed questions, professors now have a clear indication of students’ knowledge or opinions. The clickers have also allowed students to feel more involved in the class, making people who might be unwilling to raise their hands feel that they, too, have voices that will be heard.

Matthew Schmitz, Instructional Designer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL

Emergency Medical Technician Training

I teach an Emergency Medical Technician training class. I average about 80 students in lecture classes. I have been using Qwizdom for several years now. I use the Qwizdom remote devices in multiple ways to facilitate the learning environment of the program. I chose to get Qwizdom for two reasons. The first was to simulate the test-taking environment in which the students will be taking their national certifying exams, and the second was to decrease time grading exams and quizzes and entering grades into my grade book.

Richard Hayne, EMT Program Director, CA