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Professor of Information technology Ian Millar CHTP was exploring ways of improving class interaction and student feedback in his classes. He says his objectives were to increase the amount but also the quality of student interaction and feedback.


Professor Millar has started to use the Qwizdom Q6 learner response system in his classes. Usage includes general questions related to the topic of hospitality technology through yes/no and multiple choices questions.

This also allows for open ended messages from the students to even asking the question “Did you understand the class and the topic that has just been taught?.” Knowing that the subject matter of hospitality technology is a complex one, the fact that the system allowed for anonymous responses increased the amount of feedback and the eventual quality of the classes. Next application for EHL will be transferring the current paper based multiple choice questions to Qwizdom. Interest has also been shown to be used in other areas of the school outside the classroom including departmental and staff meetings.

“I have received great feedback from students about the use of Qwizdom in the classroom. It definitely increases teacher student interaction and the fact that feedback is instantaneous allows me as an educator to react immediately in class. Qwizdom allows me to use the system in so many different ways in class. Also the add-in for PowerPoint is a breeze to use so creating my presentation takes no longer than it did before. If you want to increase class interaction the Qwizdom is for you.”
Ian Millar CHTP / Professor of Information Technology