My name is Victor McCraw. I am a veteran public safety official with 28 years of experience with a state police agency, including 18 years experience as a certified paramedic. I am currently a state police Captain, executive officer of the state police academy, a subject matter expert for law enforcement emergency medical response and an advocate for diversity and cultural awareness training for public safety personnel. In my primary job, and as owner and Senior Consultant for Green Knight Consulting, LLC, I use Qwizdom to deliver interactive presentations and critical learning content to my students and clients.

Needs & Challenges

Meaningful Interactions & Detailed Reporting

I was awarded a consulting contract to facilitate a curriculum enhancement program to 60-80 [participants]. Keeping a group of that size focused and engaged for 2nd sessions was a challenge. Unable to memorize that many names each semester, and looking for a way to combat the “death by Power Point” syndrome, I employed the Qwizdom Audience Response System. The ability to input and randomly access the class roster for interaction, and the real-time display of student responses, were key to successful sessions. Not only that, without the hassle of traditional verbal roll calls and written quizzes, I was able to effortlessly provide detailed reports to program administrators regarding attendance and participation for each and every student.


Qwizdom creates opportunities for student and group participation which are engaging and memorable. This is especially true with the interactive stories and games I have developed. Qwizdom also enhances student learning, accountability and confidence through periodic quizzes during class. When I have missed or inadequately covered a topic, the quiz results instantly reveal confusion or a lack of understanding. An immediate, focused 5th topic review on day one of a multi-day class is much more productive than spending half hour trying to figure out what I missed two days later. That’s a matter of effectiveness. An immediate review and clarification of a critical safety protocol in a training exercise briefing is much better than an accident on the shooting range later. That’s a matter of life or death. The ability to verify that everyone is “on the same page,” before proceeding with a training session, is priceless.

“I am an accomplished speaker and instructor. However, Qwizdom enables me to connect with my students, gain their input and participation, and actually measure their learning in ways that were just not possible without the Qwizdom system.”

Victor McCraw</b> / Senior Consultant, Green Knight Consulting, LLC