Recently my students and I participated in a case study using the Qwizdom Student Response System. The results showed that the Qwizdom group performed higher than the control group on the eighth grade Ohio Achievement Assessment, concluding that by using the Qwizdom remotes, students did in fact show an increase in class participation and state testing performance.


We began using the system in November of the 2009-2010 school year. Using Qwizdom’s ReadySet Curriculum, I had access to lessons and pre-made quizzes that were aligned with my state’s standards. I used the Qwizdom remotes four times a week for about 20 minutes per session, until two weeks prior to testing. During the two weeks before testing, we reviewed using the Qwizdom System for the entire 41-minute class period.

Collecting data was easier than expected. I found that I could assess student strengths and weaknesses quickly by creating an answer key that I could effortlessly link to a state standard. Using the data, I accurately assessed student understanding and refocused my teaching strategies to include areas of need by the end of each lesson. Then using my textbook software with the Qwizdom remotes, I effortlessly customized review games that focused on specific state standards. Streamlining the assessments and data collection saved valuable time, as I was not investing time in re-teaching mastered material.

The self-paced testing mode allowed advanced students to work at their own pace, while I provided guided practice for struggling readers. Being able to accommodate special needs students was essential in my classroom and the self-paced mode made it easy for all students to participate.

Class participation increased as even the most reluctant students participated in the review games. Several students stated that they “felt more confident answering anonymously with the remotes.”

Data and Test Scores

However, it was the test scores that provided the most significant data. The 8th Grade Ohio Science Achievement Assessment results were as follows:

Qwizdom group 19% Below Proficient (basic)
29% Proficient
52% Accelerated or Advanced

Control group 27% Below Proficient (basic)
39% Proficient
34% Accelerated or Advanced

I was most impressed with the 52% of the Qwizdom group that scored accelerated or advanced. The control group had only 34% accelerated or advanced. Without the Qwizdom system, I would have expected those results to look much different.

“I look forward to using the Qwizdom remotes and the ReadySet Curriculum system with future students. I would recommend these Qwizdom products to all teachers as it is by far the best technology that I have had the privilege of using as a teaching tool.”
Stephanie Greathouse / 8th Grade Science