The classes involved with this Qwizdom case study were two fourth grade classes with similar demographics. Both classes consisted of students ranging from advanced proficient to far below basic in mathematics, the area of this study. Both classes used the same district pacing guide and textbooks to teach mathematics. The main difference in instruction was that my class would be using Qwizdom’s state standards-aligned curriculum, ReadySet, and the Qwizdom Student Response System.

My class used ReadySet with the student remotes on a daily basis, as either an introduction or a closing activity. All students were very excited to be using this new technology. Students, and teacher alike, liked the immediate feedback so that students could see their errors and analyze how to correct. The answer slides also provided visuals for the students.

The overall student response to using Qwizdom was overwhelmingly positive (on the rare days that we did not use Qwizdom, the students were disappointed.)

Data Analysis

Using the ReadySet curriculum and the pre- and posttest, the Qwizdom group had a pretest average of 17% while the control group had a pretest average of 48%. The posttest results were rather impressive as the Qwizdom group had a posttest average of 59% and the control group had a posttest average of 56%. This means the Qwizdom group’s average score went up 42% while the control group’s only went up by 8%.

On average, the Qwizdom group had an increase of 27 more answers correct on the posttest. The control group had an average increase of 7 more answers correct.

Here are some of student’s actual responses to using Qwizdom in mathematics:

  • “Oh, now I see where I made my mistake.”
  • “Wow, this is so fun.”
  • “I don’t usually participate, but with Qwizdom, it was easy and fun.”
  • “I think using Qwizdom helped me be ready for those ‘trick’ questions.”
  •  “When my teacher used Qwizdom to grade our tests, we had our results the same day. This helped me to know what I needed to work on.”

My review:

  • Using Qwizdom brought those students who normally try to ‘hide out’ while everyone else answers to a new level of confidence in their ability to participate.
  • Using the ReadySet curriculum with the student remotes provided me with the immediate ability to see what strengths and weaknesses the students had.
  • Immediate feedback; this not only helped the students, but me as well. I was able to reflect on my lessons and see where I could make them better.
  • Additionally, I was able to pinpoint which concepts needed reteaching.

“I would like to thank Qwizdom for allowing me the opportunity to use ReadySet and the Qwizdom Student Response System in my classroom. My students and I were provided with a grand opportunity, and this has only strengthened my belief that the use of a response system in the classroom opens doors for all students.”
Craig A. Lane / 4th Grade Teacher, CA