Madisonville Community College (MCC), KY is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the U.S.  The college offers a range of associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in a wide variety of academic programs, as well as technical training and professional development services for business and industry.

MCC is committed to establishing and nurturing a learning-centered, outcomes-based, culturally diverse organization.

Needs & Challenges

The major need that was identified by staff at MCC that led to their choosing the Qwizdom solution was a concern about student engagement during library orientation.  The library of the college is an invaluable resource to students, when used to its full potential. The college felt that they needed to identify a resource that would help to keep students focused and on task during orientation to ensure that they were aware of all the resources that the library and resource center had to offer and how to make the most of it.


MCC piloted a range of Qwizdom products and so became the natural student response system of choice on campus.

The college selected the Q4 student response system for their particular needs in the Library department, as well as a Q5 Instructor remote, which allowed the instructor or teacher to roam freely around the room, interacting with students while presenting.

The system allowed teachers to engage students in a PowerPoint presentation, posing questions and polling students as part of their library orientation. Gathering information through instant feedback allowed them to address any queries or issues at that moment, improving the orientation experience for the students.

“Using Qwizdom keeps students actively involved and focused on the information as it is presented…Students are excited when they find out they are using a device to answer questions. It adds an element to what we are doing that is not necessarily present in some of their other classes.”

“Showing a graph that displays the students’ responses is very useful because it provides me with instant feedback on whether or not sufficient information has been presented to the students or if additional information and instruction is required. Using Qwizdom for library orientation has provided our students with a more interactive experience.”