“I am a research and teaching professor at Walla Walla University. I have been using Qwizdom for about 7 years in my A&P classes with about 150 students per year. I also facilitate our General Psychology class with about 100 students per quarter.”

Needs & Challenges

“I wanted a way to process more data efficiently and to keep students engaged throughout the lecture.”


Professor Radzikowski has a Q6 response set with 150 remotes that she has been using since 2011 and continues to use them today. Qwizdom meets her needs by allowing her to quickly gather data through instant polling. She can display the results to the group, view them privately and access student understanding in the moment. She can document and review all data collected throughout the session and export it to a pdf or Excel spreadsheet. Students can instantly see if they responded correctly, keeping everyone actively engaged in learning throughout the lesson.


“My favorite feature is the data acquisition and display. Qwizdom helps me process data more efficiently and keeps students engaged throughout a lecture. It helps improve student learning by actively engaging students and providing instant feedback. Qwizdom facilitates class time and keeps the focus where it should be.”

Janice McKenzie Radzikowski, Associate Professor, Biology / Walla Walla University, WA