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Connect and Actionpoint Suite

Qwizdom Connect (available in the US only) is a complete, interactive learning solution, providing effective and easy-to-use tools for classroom curriculum, reporting, and management to help boost improvement and progress. Connect includes Actionpoint, a PowerPoint Plugin, Answer Key, for grading paper tests, and Survey Bar, for quick spontaneous surveys.

The Qwizdom Actionpoint Suite (available for non-US customers) includes multiple software applications, designed to help save you time and money. Create interactive presentations using Actionpoint, a polling software for PowerPoint, which allows you to use your existing presentations with our audience response app or keypads. Instantly score certification exams or other paper-based materials using Answer Key. Using your favorite presentation software, create questions on-the-fly using the Qwizdom Survey Bar application. Instantly poll your audience to assess understanding and enhance instruction.

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