City of Aurora, CO

Qwizdom plays an important and vital role in training my employees to be effective, proficient 9-1-1 Call Takers and Dispatchers. The critical training my employees receive will save property and lives. Qwizdom is an integral part in disseminating training information. Our department uses it weekly with our entire staff in our team meetings. We use Qwizdom for our weekly Policy and Procedure quiz, to play training games, and various other exercises.

We use Qwizdom in our new hire training for all quizzes, tests, and assessments (both pen and paper and authentic). I have found that using Qwizdom in this way creates reliable, consistent documentation on the progress of our trainees. In our line of work documentation is absolutely imperative. The reports are easily merged and manipulated for detailed reports across several assessments.

Lastly, Qwizdom is used in our department because it engages our employees. When our employees see the remotes they become more energetic, responsive, collaborative, and enjoy themselves more. I highly recommend Qwizdom to any corporate or government agency. The application of Qwizdom reaches far beyond the classroom!

Noel Mink, Training Specialist