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Teach Clever

Improve learning through enhanced interactions!

From classroom clickers to whiteboard and collaboration software, you can now create an interactive and engaging learning environment.


Classroom Response Systems

Improve Learning and Participation

Our classroom response solutions are designed to give teachers the real-time assessment data they need to monitor and adjust instruction for maximum student benefit. Ask interactive questions via PowerPoint and have your students respond via classroom clickers or their mobile phones.

Works with your current curriculum content.
Ask interactive questions via PowerPoint.
All answers collected instantly.
Detailed performance reports generated.
Choose from 4 interactive games.

Make PowerPoint interactive!

Our software is a plugin made for PowerPoint, called Actionpoint. The software suite provides teachers with instant feedback, automatic grading, and reporting in a variety of formats. This saves teachers time and makes it easier to track collective and individual student progress.

Our classroom clickers rely on radio frequency to operate, offering reliability, with no concerns about Wi-Fi connectivity or online distractions.

Alternatively students may answer using their phone and our response app, called Qwizdom Virtual remote, or QVR for short.

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Interactive Whiteboard Software

Annotate, Collaborate, Present & Poll. Our OKTOPUS software is designed with whiteboards in mind.

☑ Create interactive lesson content.
☑ 70+ teaching tools and built in apps.
☑ Work live any application.
☑ Annotate over any document.
☑ Ask interactive questions.
☑ Play games & build engaging lessons.
☑ Use ReadySet lessons in the classroom.
☑ Integrate with Blend, an online eLearning platform.

OKTOPUS:

ReadySet Standards-Aligned Content

Help prepare K-10 students for success!

ReadySet Math, Reading and Science packages motivate students while improving learning with engaging, focused lessons, immediate feedback and game modes.

Use materials live in the classroom with Qwizdom student response hardware or QVR response app.

Additionally, materials can be assigned to students for self-paced learning through Qwizdom Oktopus Blend. Learn more

All ReadySet packages include:

  • Short, focused lessons with practice tests, designed to fit into any existing curriculum program.
  • Pretests and posttests designed to mimic state-mandated tests.
  • A variety of delivery methods that allow teachers to monitor student progress and tailor instruction.
  • Games like Baseball, Fast Track and more.

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Student Response Systems Engage Students with Immediate Feedback & Games

Watch this short video.

Here's a quick view into one educator's classroom to see how he uses Qwizdom to enhance learning and interactions.


Building Better Lessons

Ximbus is a multimedia teaching application that speeds up lesson creation, simplifies the teaching process, and offers more control to teachers during lessons.

Build: Build lessons using any online content. You can even connect to your Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

Present: Students connect & follow along using their own devices. Ximbus comes with built-in presentation tools including annotation, whiteboard collaboration & instant polling.

Flip: Share a lesson as self-paced for students to access anytime, anywhere.

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